Rwanda has a complex history since the genocide two decades ago but women are using soccer to find a way to thrive.

Gloria Nibagwire is a rising star of women’s futbol in Rwanda who lost her father and brother in the genocide. Her story is both difficult and uplifting.

Around the world the game has tremendous social impact to unite communities, provide hope, while also at times being quite a divisive experience. Regardless, soccer is a global language spoken by billions and it is inspiring to see how gender barriers are being broken by these women whose sisterhood is a lifeline to a better life.


Alok Appadurai

Alok Appadurai

Humanitarian. Global Project Developer. Father.

Alok helps clients all over the world build emotional brand stories, websites, and projects that make the world a better place. He believes in the power of humanity to uplift those in need, is moved by stories of human resiliency and our collective ability to overcome tremendous obstacles together.  www.Alok.Life


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