Nick Jukovic: Thriving Without Arms And Legs

A Global Inspiration

Nick was the first ‘special needs’ child integrated into the Australian school system and that is just the beginning of the amazing life he lives regardless of the fact that he was born without arms and legs.

Because, you see, Nick has realized that we have choice about ‘whether to be angry about what you don’t have or grateful for what you do have’. He travels the world spreading the truth that no matter how rich or poor people are, they seek hope. They seek inspiration.

Every told him to give up, and he almost killed himself at age 8 because he lacked hope.

“Words are powerful…Hugs can do much more than words…” he tells audiences.

How you want to live your life is your choice. Want to live inspired? Go for it.

-Alok Appadurai is a poet, writer, believer in hope and empathy, founder of Good Elephant & co-founder of Fed By Threads.

Alok Appadurai

Alok Appadurai

Humanitarian. Global Project Developer. Father.

Alok helps clients all over the world build emotional brand stories, websites, and projects that make the world a better place. He believes in the power of humanity to uplift those in need, is moved by stories of human resiliency and our collective ability to overcome tremendous obstacles together.  www.Alok.Life


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Nick Jukovic: Thriving Without Arms And Legs

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