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Hazami Barmada, CEO of the Barmada Group, approached Alok.Life because the Global People’s Summit was struggling to get large corporate sponsors even though the event was part of the United Nations, was going to have 55 renown speakers streaming live, and have a digital reach of 50 million. We reviewed their website which at the time was a simple one-page site about the summit and knew we could help the Summit better communicate the gravity of the event. With one month to go before the Summit in September 2019, they engaged Alok.Life and we completely overhauled their Summit website into a full-frame story-based site. Shortly after, the Summit got sponsored by Qualcomm and numerous other major corporate sponsors which helped finance the Global Summit. We were on board the entire way working with their New York Based studio team, we integrated their various social network conversation tools, YouTube Live, and more. The Summit ended up having a digital reach of 85 million worldwide and we are excited to be involved again in 2018.
KC Baker, the global public speaking coach, approached Alok.Life to develop WomanSpeak, a global project to empower women to find their voices. We build a scalable platform to attract and sign up new leaders, with global page templates created that could be adapted for each leader, integrated the site with Ontraport as well as her affiliate program, and teamed up with her Facebook funnel team to integrate code and track sales. Beyond that, we helped her make two of her other monetizable project sites mobile responsive, rebuilt the necessary sites, worked with tech admins, integrated video content, added SEO tools, and helped with detailed launch strategy. At the completion of our engagement, KC was seeing new leaders pour in from all over the world to be part of WomanSpeak.
Brian Miller is a world-class magician whose TEDxTalk about the value of deep human connection went viral and had over 2.6 million views worldwide but his website did not reflect the professionalism and quality of Brian’s work. He engaged Alok.Life to rebuild his magic site, showcasing his TEDxTalk, while we also rebranded him, simplified his logo into a clean modern high-end logo, changed the fonts he was using, and positioned him for high-end clients throughout New England. Beyond that, we built from scratch his public speaking website to capture the value he brings on stage speaking about the value of human connection at conferences and corporate events. Within 24 hours of taking the new magic site live, Brian informed us that he already had one of the largest insurance companies in America booking him and within the first month, he had 5 major events booked. We got a text message soon after that simply said, “Both sites have allowed me to be treated with more respect and I am closing bigger deals with more ease than ever before.” We are so excited to see how many lives Brian will touch on stage using magic to help people create more meaningful human connections.
Brooke Axtell, the global human rights advocate for women, engaged Alok.Life to create the story-based site for her new organization which helps survivors of sex trafficking, domestic violence, and rape become leaders. We helped her form her legal entity, worked on her copy for her first fundraiser that brought in $10,000’s of thousands in donations, and positioned the organization as a showpiece from which she was able to sign a major book deal with her #1 choice for publisher and is now in dialog to sell the rights to create a feature film based on her life and her work with She Is Rising.

Changemaker High School and it’s CEO Luis Perales have an incredible mission to be the #1 high school for social innovation in Southern Arizona but their existing website did not convey the gravity of the work being done to transform students’ lives. We are creating a state-of-the-art story-based site for Changemaker High School and featuring video content on staff, the school’s work with the Ashoka Foundation and so much more. We are also developing a 2-year content strategy for the school.

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